pre-reading skills Dyslexia Books 

Coming Fall 2019

DOG ON A LOG Pup Books: A Parent-Friendly Roadmap for teaching kids to read using phonics.

Edited by Nancy Mather Ph.D.

Book 1

Phonological/Phonemic Awareness:

  • Words
  • Rhyming
  • Syllables: identification, blending, segmenting
  • Identifying individual letter sounds


Books 2 and 3

Phonemic Awareness/Phonics

  • Consonants: primary sounds
  • Short vowels
  • Blending
  • Introduction to sight words

Review: 9-year-old boy’s mom

Review: 5 and 8-year-old girls’ mom

Review: Professor of Reading/Dyslexia

Phonics and DyReview: Speech-Language Pathologistslexia Books for Ki

pre-reading skills

A parent-friendly roadmap for teaching kids to read using phonics.

Trying to find a way to teach your child to read, whether you are supplementing what your child is being taught in school or as a homeschooling family, can feel overwhelming. DOG ON A LOG Pup Books are written by a mom who wants to try and eliminate some of those feelings for other parents. These parent-friendly books will guide you along the path of teaching reading.

DOG ON A LOG Pup Books give simple activities you can do with your child. Once you understand the skills that your child needs to learn, you may wish to add additional activities. Resources are suggested that will help you find additional free or low-cost activities you can personalize to your child. Extra printable activities are available from our printables page.



Book 1: (A Roadmap to Reading) Starts at the very beginning of the learning to read process: it helps the learner hear the smallest sounds in words. Relevant excerpts from Teaching a Struggling Reader: One Mom’s Experience with Dyslexia are also included to help parents with children who are struggling to read.



Book 2: (Letters Make Words) Helps the learner discover that each sound has a letter or letters and when the letters are put together, they make words. This is when reading begins.



Book 3: Kids’ (Letters Make Words) The stories from Book 2 are formatted with pictures and less words per page so they are less intimidating to new readers.

All DOG ON A LOG Books follow a systematic, structured literacy/Orton-Gillingham based phonics sequence.