Phonics and Dyslexia Board Games and Card Games

Phonics and Dyslexia Board Games and Card Games

Learning to read can be hard. The repetition of learning how to rhyme or reading sight words, new words, or practice sentences can be overwhelming for some kids (and parents.) It’s a lot more fun to learn while playing games. These board games and components are free for you to download and print.

Word .doc files are made available for easier personalization. I use Verdana font which research has shown is one of the most dyslexia-friendly fonts. All game components are ©2019 Pamela Brookes


Play these games together. The detour into the cave adds more fun and twice the reading practice.

Please email me at if you have any trouble downloading the printable activities.



















 Virtual Gameboards 


Play the games with Google Slides so everyone can move their own character on an enabled device. Printed single dice, flashcards, and animal game cards required.

Download The Virtual Game Boards From Teachers Pay Teachers Store



Card Games for all Steps of Phonics


Virtual Gameboards Allow all Players with enabled devices to move their characters online.


Step 2 Flashcards/Gamecards



More Printables are Being Created and are on Their Way









Phonics and Dyslexia Board Games and Card Games