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Bob the dog has wandered off again. You must help Jan, Tup, and their friends go find Bob. There are so many places he likes to explore that it could be hard to find him and it could take a long time. Tup will help you by sniffing for him. Maybe along the way you’ll find some clues.


It’s a lot of work for a dog to sniff and sniff and sniff. Tup will probably get a bit bored and will want to take a bunch of breaks. Jan will bring along a bunch of stuff to read whenever Tup needs a break.


Since it’s such a nice day out, you will probably encounter some bugs. These bugs love to play so let’s hope you come across one or more. You may even run into Babs the ‘Bot, Miss Sal, or the bear cub. You can ask them if they have seen Bob.


Are you ready to go help find Bob the dog?


Phonics Rules

All rules in prior Steps plus

Bonus Letters (f, l, s, z after short vowel) 


-s suffix


Sight Words

All sight words used in prior Steps plus:

could, do, eggs, for, from, have, here, I, likes, me, nest, onto, or,

puts, said, say, sees, should, wants, was, we, what, would, your


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Printable Literacy Games and Activities