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DOG ON A LOG Decodable Phonics Chapter Books

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Step 8 

Phonics Rules

All rules in prior Steps plus:

Two syllable words with 2 closed syllables, not blends (sunset, chicken, unlock)


Sight Words

All sight words used in prior Steps plus:

Dr., friend, full, hi, island, people, please


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Five Chapter Books 8 

Each book has about 1,350 to 2,875 words

Includes all five Step 8 Chapter Books:

  • Anvil and Magnet
  • The Mascot
  • Kevin’s Rabbit Hole
  • The Humbug Vet and Medic Shop
  • Chickens in the Attic


Anvil and Magnet Chapter Book

Approximately 2,600 words

   “Dennis Hamlet, can I please name your oxen?” Liz said to Dennis Hamlet.

    “What would you like to name them?” Dennis Hamlet said.



The Mascot Chapter Book

Approximately 1,720 words

   Leptus is a fine cat. He is a tomcat. He is like velvet when the kids pet him. He likes to go on quests for thrip bugs.


Kevin’s Rabbit Hole Chapter Book

Approximately 1,700 words

    Kevin talks soft. It is as if he is timid. “Does it have to be an island? If you would like to see my rabbit hole, I could take you there. You could see all my friends.”


The Humbug Vet and Medic Shop Chapter Book

Approximately 2,150 words

    “I must have help. My grub is ill. It is so small. I think it must see Dr. Gamut as quick as can be.”




Chickens in the Attic Chapter Book

Approximately 2,875 words

   The friends come into the attic. The blinds are shut and they cannot see much. Dave pulls the blinds up and the sun shines into the attic. The kids squint until they can see.

Dog On A LOG Decodable Phonics Chapter Books

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Sound-Out Chapter Books for Learning to Read