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To help you figure out what Step of DOG ON A LOG Books might be the best starting point for your child, have them read the following lists of words. Start with Step 1. If they get all of the words correct, go on to Step 2. Continue until they reach a Step where they miss one or more words. That is the Step you should probably start with. If they struggle with this Step, you can always move back a Step.

Or you may want to start with a Step where your child is able to read the complete set of words. Let them practice and build confidence.

Regarding skipping steps:

The DOG ON A LOG Books are systematic and sequential. That means the steps build upon each other. Skipping a Step that your child has not mastered could be problematic as they will struggle when they encounter those words in future steps.

An example of when it might work to skip a Step would be if they had already mastered one step, but not a prior one. For example, let’s say they have mastered Steps 1 and 2 as well as consonant blends (Step 4,) but not letter buddies with ng or nk (Step 3.) In that example, you would have them read and master Step 3 then consider skipping Step 4.


Optional page for your records where you mark which words child read correctly.

Word list in columns


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