DOG ON A LOG Decodable Phonics Chapter Books

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Step 7 

Phonics Rules

All rules in prior Steps plus:

5 sounds in a closed syllable word plus suffix -s (crunch, slumps)

3 letter blends and up to 6 sounds in a closed syllable word (script, spring)



Sight Words

All sight words used in prior Steps plus:

Hmmm, our, out, Pop E., TV


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Five Chapter Books 7 

Each book has about 1,350 to 2,640 words

Includes all five Step 7 Chapter Books:

–Quest For A Grump Grunt Chapter Book
–The Blimp Chapter Book
–The Spring In The Lane Chapter Book
–Stamp For A Note Chapter Book 
–Stripes And Splats Chapter Book


Quest For A Grump Grunt Chapter Book

Approximately 1,930 words

      “Let us go on a quest,” Dave  says.

     “A quest? What kind of quest?” Quin asks.

     “A quest for a grump grunt,” Dave says.



The Blimp Chapter Book

Approximately 1,580 words

    Jan twists to see what Tup sees. Tup’s gaze is up. The hen pen has a top. Jan can not see what makes Tup yap.


The Spring In The Lane Chapter Book

Approximately 1,350 words

    There it is. It is just there. In the lane. A big spring. It is a big, big spring. His dad could stand on a pal and the spring would be as tall as them.


Stamp For A Note Chapter Book

Approximately 2,640 words

  The gal at the post desk sells me a stamp. I put it on my note to my pen pal,

    The post gal takes the note and puts it in a post bag. “I see it has a long trip to get to your pal,” she says.




Stripes And Splats Chapter Book

Approximately 2,320 words

     “I wish we had a home with stripes,” Gwen tells her mom.

    “Stripes? Most homes do not have stripes. Let me think…No, I do not think homes have stripes,” Mom says.

Dog On A LOG Decodable Phonics Chapter Books

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