DOG ON A LOG Books are not currently available for purchase through this website. They are no longer available through the seller I was previously working with. They are available from many online booksellers. You can see a partial list of US and international vendors here:

As a small publisher with a single staff member, I have chosen to focus my attention on creating new books instead of selling the books directly. I may have leads on a third-party vendor who will be able to sell DOG ON A LOG Books from my website. If that happens, I will recreate an online store here.



Barnes and Noble will give educators a 20% discount off the publisher’s list price to homeschoolers or for materials you use in the classroom. For larger school purchases, Barnes and Noble offers up to 35% discount. They sell all DOG ON A LOG Books in paperback and hardcover. They offer Nook Books of the collection volumes, pre-readers, and the Parent and Teacher Guides 1 and 2. See their list of DOG ON A LOG Books at this link.