How to Use Decodable Books to Teach Reading is Available for FREE Distribution

Printable How To Use Decodable Books To Teach Reading Bookfold Through Step 10 (20 Pieces Of Paper)


I wrote How to Use Decodable Books to help parents and teachers understand how to use decodable books. Although the focus is on DOG ON A LOG Books for issues like figuring out which Step in the series is probably the best starting point for their children, the rest of the book can be applied and/or adapted to any systematic series of decodable texts. I share the daily routine my daughter’s dyslexia teacher has helped me create, and to give information on how to teach each phonics rule. Those subject will help with any decodable series. I do not charge for this booklet and it will soon be available for free at most major online ebooksellers. You can also read it on this site on this page.

Although anyone can get it from these booksellers, there may be times when it is easier to have it available for direct distribution. For example a parent or teacher who is using it to guide their child through the DOG ON A LOG Books might want it available for reference. Perhaps an instructor might want to share a link on a class website or a dyslexia group or special education teacher may want to hand out a printed booklet to parents. (I was able to download and use as an e-book with active hyperlinks)

The pdf version can be dowloaded and printed here.   It prints on 20 pieces of paper. Your computer must be able to print double sided either automatically or manually. Typically, you set the layout to landscape, but every printer is different. I suggest printing pages (or sheets) 1 and 2 to make sure your printer is set up correctly. There are no hyperlinks. However, each of the links from the e-book have been included in the Endnotes pages.

It is my hope that this booklet will be read not only by parents and teachers buy also by medical students, social workers, and other children’s advocates who want to become familiar with a systematic phonics progression and/or to understand the daily work needed by a child with dyslexia.

Please note: I give this booklet away for free to help children and adults learn to read. Although groups that distribute the pdf version may request donations to cover the cost of printing, there may never be a charge for the epub version and no one is to ever make a profit selling this booklet.

Thank you,

Pamela Brookes