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Step 10

Phonics Rules

All rules in prior Steps plus:

  • “Y” as a vowel with the long “I” sound (cry, my, spry)
  • Open syllables (be, so, fly)
  • Two-syllable words containing:
    • Open syllables (beside, rerun)
    • Vowel teams ai, ea, ee, ie, oa, oe (raindrop)
    • Previously learned sight words (somewhere)


Sight Words

All sight words used in prior Steps plus:

because, been, coyote, coyote’s, coyotes, door, four, grosbeak, grosbeak’s, grosbeaks, javelina, laugh, laughs, many, more, only, uh, very, were, who, word, words, x-ray

Plus two-syllable words that contain one or two sight words.


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Sound-Out Chapter Books Sound-Out Chapter Books

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Four Chapter Books 10 

Each book has about 3,500 to 8,300 words


Includes all four Step 10 Chapter Books:

  • The Chicken Bus Express to the Redo Shop
  • The Rewind Clock: The Tale Begins
  • Trip to the Wildlife Rehab
  • The Hidden Tale 2: The Tale Unfolds


The Chicken Bus Express to the Redo Shop

Approximately 3,500 words

       “You can put the pail in The Chicken Bus if you would like,” Jan says. “Did you bring your helmets? You need your helmets if you want to go on The Chicken Bus Express,” Jan reminds them.

     Dave and Quin run to get their helmets.

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The Rewind Clock: The Tale Begins

Approximately 5,600 words

    “Gaylin,” Quin says, “what does the Rewind Clock do?”

     Gaylin smiles. “It will take you into the past. It will take you somewhere you should go.”

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Trip to the Wildlife Rehab

Approximately 8,300 words

     “That is the x-ray from the coyote mom that Jan and Gret came upon. Her bone was in three big chunks with some small bits. The bone vet had to unite the chunks with a steel plate and bolts in her leg. They will hold the bone still to help it mend,” Tatum says.

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The Hidden Tale 2: The Tale Unfolds (This is the second book in a five-book mystery series. It will span steps 9-13.)

Approximately 3,700 words

     The kids get on the bikes. They ride downhill. They can feel the wind as they make the bikes go very fast. If they were not so upset, they would pretend the bikes could fly. “I have a plan,” Chuck yells while they go fast.

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