Free Phonics Skills Checklist


Some of my best printables are made after a parent or teacher requests them. Here is a checklist for all skills in the DOG ON A LOG series. (Currently through Step 10.) I opted to have them colored for ease of filling out. Even if you print them in black and white, as I did, I think they will be easier to fill out.

The form does have a place to put “Date Mastered.” With dyslexia, mastery comes and goes. A student may have mastered a skill a long time ago, then one day they forget it, then the next day they remember it. It is our job to help them not be embarrassed by that. We all have days like, they just seem to have them more frequently. If it’s just a one-off day, I simply tell my daughter the word she is struggling with, or perhaps I’ll say, “The keyword is…” If she continues to struggle with the skill, it’s probably time to do a refresher. This time, she’ll learn it faster and hopefully retain it longer.

As always, if anyone has a suggestion for improving this checklist, or perhaps a variation, please feel free to email me at

Click Here To  Download The DOG ON A LOG Printable Skills Checklist