DOG ON A LOG Orton Gillingham Books for Kids with Dyslexia

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Step 6 

Phonics Rules

All rules in prior Steps plus:

Exception words containing ild, ind, old, olt,  ost



Sight Words

All sight words used in prior Steps plus:

so, some, talks


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Five Chapter Books 6

Each book has about 1,390 to 2,000 words

Includes all five Step 6 Chapter Books:

–The Colt Chapter Book
–The Gold Bolt Chapter Book
–Hide In The Blinds Chapter Book
–The Stone Child Chapter Book
–Tolt The Kind Cat Chapter Book


The Colt Chapter Book

Approximately 1,390 words

      Liz calls Jan, “We have a colt. He was here when I got up from bed. Would you like to come see him?”
     “Yes,” Jan says. “What is his name?”



The Gold Bolt Chapter Book

Approximately 1,400 words

     “I have a pal. His name is Jeff. He is blind like me. He has a bike. A bike shop sold him a bike he can ride with his sis.”


Hide In The Blinds Chapter Book

Approximately 1,420 words

   “We could have a game of Hide and Find. I can hide and you can find me,” Mave says.


The Stone Child Chapter Book

Approximately 2,000 words

    “Here it is. This is the cave where I got to see the stone child,” Jade says.



Told The Kind Cat Chapter Book

Approximately 1,900 words

    Tolt is a kind cat. When her kid Tess is not home, Tolt sits on Tess’s bed. She thinks that Tess will be glad she did that. When Tess gets home, her bed will not be cold.

Dog On A LOG Orton Gillingham Books for Kids with Dyslexia

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