DOG ON A LOG Chapter and Let’s GO! Books




Beginning readers, especially readers that are struggling, may find the chapter books overwhelming at first. The Dog On The Log Chapter Book has 260 words. That is a lot of words when you must sound out almost every word. There are so many words on a page that it could seem insurmountable to even try and read them.

This is why I also created the Let’s GO! Books. They tell the same story with the same pictures but a whole lot less words. The Let’s GO! version of The Dog On The Log has only 50 words. That means there’s a lot more free space on each page and new or struggling readers are less likely to panic when they open the book. Once they’ve read the Let’s GO! book, they can be encouraged to try the chapter book. It is my hope that having read the Let’s GO! book they will have developed the confidence to take on the longer chapter book.

There are Let’s GO! books for the first five steps of DOG ON A LOG Books. By the time they’ve finished the first five steps I would anticipate that most readers have gotten enough experience with chapter books that they aren’t quite so intimidated by so many words on a page.