Systematic Decodable Chapter Books

DOG ON A LOG Decodable Phonics Chapter Books

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Step 9 

Phonics Rules

All rules in prior Steps plus:

Systematic Decodable Chapter Books

  • Two syllable words with all previously introduced sounds including blends, exception words, and silent “e” (blacksmith, kindness, inside)
  • Vowel digraphs: ai, ay, ea, ee, ie, oa, oe (rain, play, beach, tree, pie, goat, toe)


Sight Words

All sight words used in prior Steps plus:

about, aunt, cousin, cousins, friends, know, knows, one, ones, ours, two, welcome


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Systematic Decodable Chapter Books

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Four Chapter Books 9 

Each book has about 2,500 to 6,000 words



Includes all four Step 9 Chapter Books:

  • Play the Bagpipes
  • Trip to Cactus Gulch 1: The Step Up Team
  • Trip to Cactus Gulch 2: Into the Mineshaft
  • The Hidden Tale 1: The Snapshot


Trip to Cactus Gulch 1: The Step-Up Team Chapter Book

Approximately 5,000 words

     When the sun comes up, it will be time for The Step-Up Team to hike the steps of Cactus Gulch. Liv, her mom, and her dad will be in one of the sag vans. They will have drinks and snacks for The Step-Up Team.

     Jan and Gret came up with the plan for The Step-Up Team. Each kid that is on the team will hike 1,000 steps in Cactus Gulch.


Trip to Cactus Gulch 2: Into the Mineshaft Chapter Book

Approximately 6,000 words

     “Ray, do you want to tell them that this mine trip is not like mine trips in the past?” Eve asks.

     “Yes, can you please tell us that?” Jeff asks.

     Ray smiles. “This mine trip will be epic. The people of Cactus Gulch had a vote. We set this date as the date for it to happen. That is all I will say about that.”


Play the Bagpipes Chapter Book

Approximately 2,500 words

     Steve is at lunch with his mom and dad, “May I get a set of bagpipes? I would like to play the bagpipes,” Steve says.


The Hidden Tale 1: The Snapshot Chapter Book (This is the first book in a five-book mystery series. It will span steps 9-13.)

Approximately 3,370 words

     As they finish their trip down the steps, puffs of dust come up and coat their flip flops. At the back of the basement is a big red EXIT at the top of the wall.

     “It says ‘exit.’ That must be a way to get out,” Liz tells Jeff.

     “It is dank. There is so much dust. I cannot see much. It smells of mold and dust. This is an odd basement. I am glad there is a back way out,” Lil says.

Dog On A LOG Decodable Phonics Chapter Books

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