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Teaching a Struggling Reader: One Mom’s Experience with Dyslexia

Introduces parents and teachers to essential information on dyslexia, struggling readers, and illiteracy. It is available as a free e-book, can be read on this website, and can be downloaded as a printable pdf bookfold. It is also available in paperback format from many online booksellers

How to Use Decodable Books to Teach Reading

The author discusses their family’s daily routine as she teaches her daughter to read using the decodable DOG ON A LOG Books series. As the author of DOG ON A LOG Books, Pamela also shares how to choose where in the series to start, how she teaches each of the phonics rules used in the book series along with the reasons for teaching the syllable types and handwriting. Although this booklet is meant to guide parents and teachers using DOG ON A LOG Books, the information can be adapted and applied to any systematic series of decodable books.

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