It is with great enthusiasm that I write this letter of recommendation for DOG ON A LOG Pup Books by Ms. Pamela Brookes. As a special education professor, literacy coach, dyslexia researcher, and parent, I am incredibly impressed by these books. Ms. Brookes has developed a wonderful gift for parents in creating these how-to manuals for reading. She provides a straightforward, concise, and accurate guide for parents to provide activities in evidence-based basic reading skills. The science of reading is complicated and many parents have felt bogged down by field language and descriptions of reading skills included in other learning-to-read texts. Ms. Brookes gets to the heart of what is most critical for children to understand without losing readers in theory. Her sequence of skills and types of activities for emergent readers align with what has been proven to work in research. Additionally, she makes reading fun! This series is critical for anyone who is taking on the task of teaching a child to read.

Jennifer M. White, PhD

Department of Disability and Pschoeducational Studies

College of Education

University of Arizona