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All paperback DOG ON A LOG Books are available from IndieBound.org, Amazon, Barnes and Noble online, Alibris, plus other online stores. You will need to contact other booksellers to see if they can carry them online and in their brick and mortar stores. Here is a link to a list of Ingram’s Global Online Retail Partners. Here is a list of Ingram’s Print Retail Partners.  


IndieBound.org is a group that promotes Independent Bookstores which help keep more of your dollars in your own community. There are links to purchase each DOG ON A LOG Book from Indiebound.org on the SEE AND SHOP DOG ON A LOG BOOKS pages.

Where to buy DOG ON A LOG Books

In Tucson, Bookman’s at 3330 E Speedway Blvd tries to keep an assortment of DOG ON A LOG Books in stock.


The Netherlands–bol.om.



The Five Chapter Book Collections and the Five Let’s GO! Book Collections are available for sale in digital format for both retail and library users. There are links for each collection book that will take you to a webpage just for that book.From there you can choose which e-retailer you would like to visit. They can be purchased in digital format from Barnes and Noble,Google Play, Kobo,Apple, Overdrive, Bibliotheca,Scribd, Tolino, 24 Symbols, Playster, and possibly more. 

All DOG ON A LOG Books, including all individual books, are available in Kindle format from Amazon.


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